Monday, September 26, 2016

Cuauhtémoc Kish - Member News

Cuauhtémoc Kish
  has work in the following shows!

Art on 30th (Ashton Gallery)
4434 30th Street, SD CA 92116
Title: “Raindance"
Sept 16 thru Oct 15


West Coast Fiber & Book Art
Municipal Gallery
262 E Grand Ave, Escondido CA 92025
Title: "Frida & the Butterflies" (3D) & "Frida and Las Mariposas" (2D)
Sept 9 thru Oct 1
Frida and the Butterflies

Pacific International Quilt Show
Santa Clara Convention Center
Title: “Fiesta2" & "Canyon On My Mind4"
October 13 -16

Canyons on my Mind

Fe Gallery
1100  65th Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
Title: “Lily with a T
8/13 thru 9/29

Bard Hall (Textile) Art Show
4190 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Title: “Baltimore” “Victims” and “Dance-floor: Orlando
8/9 thru 10/4

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