Friday, August 12, 2016

URBAN TEXTURES - Carol Churchill

Urban Textures began as a fabric-design competition which resulted in a unique collection of fabric designs created by six SAQA members. SAQA artists were then challenged to use these fabrics in art quilts and submit them for a virtual exhibition to be seen on the SAQA website. Juror Luana Rubin, owner of, selected 25 pieces to be included in this online exhibition and selected ten to be featured in the Winter SAQA Journal. Two pieces by our regional SAQA member Carol Churchill were selected for both the virtual exhibition and the Winter SAQA Journal 2016, Volume 26, No.1.  

Art From Ashes by Carol Churchill
"Art From Ashes represents the concept that Art cannot exist without Civilization and Civilization cannot exist without Art. It is a form of infinity, just as the Phoenix, a mythical creature, arises every 1000 years from the ashes of its predecessor; the art that is destroyed by war in the Islamic countries can arise from its ashes with civilization, the end of war.   The dancer is the quintessential representation of all artistic endeavors: strength, balance, flexibility, beauty, grace, movement, fleeting in time, supporting and balancing civilization." ~ Carol Churchill

Urban Graffiti "LaLa Land" Style by Carol Churchill
"Urban Graffiti "LaLa Land" Style is intended as a tongue in cheek representation of urban residents of Los Angeles; celebrities plastered on tall buildings seeking attention; mile after mile of food franchise signs along the freeway seeking our dollars for fast food; and local artists seeking attention by drawing on urban structures Los Angeles... a place where people chill out and relax.  Warhol said it..."Art is anything you can get away with.”" ~  Carol Churchill

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