Saturday, March 5, 2016

New Regional Co-Reps

Laura Bisagna 
According to personal family lore, when I was just a wee baby, my parents left me in the care of the
church nursery while they attended Sunday service. Distressed and alone, laying in a crib, I happened
upon a warm, soft blanket to snuggle; this brought me comfort. When my parents returned and tried to take the blanket, I created such a fuss -- crying and clinging to it with all my might -- that the nursery staff let me keep it. I got to take the blanket home!
Shroud of Security 28W x 46H

And so began my lifelong love of cloth. Yes, just like Linus! But without the thumbsucking...A Northern California native, currently living in Southern California, I’ve been making art all of my life, yet I consider myself to be a newcomer to the world of art quilting. Although I have always admired traditional quilts and quiltmakers, attended many quilt shows, and even dabbled in a bit of traditional and contemporary quilt making, it wasn’t until after I lost my home to the California wildfires of 2007 that I designed and constructed my first contemporary art quilt, mainly out of a need to come to terms with this overwhelming loss. Once again, I found comfort “clinging” to cloth. I have worked with many different tools and artistic media throughout my life and I have come to understand that, for me, the tactile properties uniquely inherent in cloth, and the ability to express myself artistically through the use of that cloth, truly has the power to heal. While it may not always be my conscious intent at the start of a piece, and while it may not always be obvious to the viewer, the subject of loss continues to permeate much of my work; a theme, no doubt, I will continue to explore.
Two Snails and a Weed  36W x 48H

Jamie Fingal
 I am an artist from Orange, California and work full time in my studio that is less than a song away from my house.  I primarily make whimsical art quilts for the wall in bright and in your face colors!  My signature style includes houses with cups and saucers on the roofs, faces, abstract and zippers. 
The Art Haus  24W x 36H

I have a line of stencils with StencilGirl and four lines of fabric with Hoffman Fabrics.  Out of my love for drawing, I self-published two hand-drawn coloring books of my whimsical designs.  I am one half of the curating team of Dinner at Eight Artists with artist Leslie Tucker Jenison. My work has been featured in many books and magazines with a concentration on the Quilting Arts family of publications, and have two DVDs. I have also enjoyed being a guest on Quilting Arts TV numerous times.  I am honored to be one of the faces of Mistyfuse and a designer for Havel's Sewing. 

My philosophy about my passion for making art quilts is less about perfection and more about having fun. I also teach, and most recently at Craft Napa!  You can find me online at Twisted Sister


Linda's Art Quilts said...

So happy you are our new reps. May the SAQA SoCal/SoNev membership give you as much creative joy as you give to us.

Linda Anderson said...

SAQA is in great hands with the two if you as Reps. Thank you for being in service.

Belinda Hart said...

WooHoo! More great things in store for the SAQA SoCal SoNev Regional Group!

Teresa Shippy said...

So happy for you both! Fantastic news!!