Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shipping 101

Shipping 101

Just in case you don't know how to ship your quilt to a show, or perhaps you need a little review, or maybe there are some things you just didn't know.  This post is for you.
Your quilt should be rolled around a pool noodle on the shortest side, so it doesn't come with creases in it.  A curator/juror has no time to press your quilt, and frankly shouldn't.

You can place archival tissue around the pool noodle, and then roll your quilt around that. This one shows the tissue wrapped with the quilt.
Place you quilt is a large Zip Lock bag.  Tie and ribbon around it to secure, or a piece a selvage, or even a piece of painters tape.  Adhere a piece of paper to the outside of the bag with your name and address as the sender, and the address of the person you are sending it to.  If by some chance your box is ruined somewhere along the line, it will have the send to address on the bundle.
  The box should fit the quilt.  Like this one. Use bubble wrap around the quilt for added protection.
An example of not how to send your quilt.  Don't ship it in a huge box.

Do not use packing peanuts. The biggest NO NO in the quilting industry. What is the person who receives the box suppose to do with them?  They take up too much room and are messy. In the recycling bin.

What is wrong with this picture?  Box is way to big in relation to the pool noodle.  Only send a slat when you are asked to. Otherwise, don't. Please use clear packing tape to secure the ends of your boxes, not duct tape. You spent a great amount of time making your quilt, so treat it right and take the time to pack it right.

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