Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Member Profile: Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes
Los Angeles, CA 
1.  Describe the work that you make: I make quilts using a traditional method of piecing with a modern twist. I pull from my architectural background and fine art training to create objects to talk about and look at. 

2.  Do you have a signature style? 
My style blends traditional methods with contemporary visuals. my style is often a very upfront figure with a more usual quilting foundation.

3.  What is your greatest accomplishment so far in the world of quilting? 
I have been shown across the world in venues that are having the conversation about art and not just quilts. Contemporary quilters and I have been able to expand our work into a dialog with the rest of the art world. 
Luke Quilt

4.  How do you work?  Do you piece, raw edge applique, fuse, glue, etc.?  Yes, I do it all.

5.  What was the turning point in your career when you knew that quilting was what you wanted to pursue?   
When I decided that I could create a business in it as well as a great opening to dialog within the world of art. 

6.  Do you enter your work in shows?  List your top 3 exhibits that you work has been shown in, and what year.
I enter exhibitions regularly. 
Brooklyn Museum in the permanent collection shown 2013-2014
Newark Museum  in the permanent collection shown Fall of 2013
American Folk art Museum  in the permanent collection shown Winter 2014

The American Context #3.  American Gothic

7.  Describe your studio space:  I have a 500 square foot open space for piecing and layout and a 300 square foot loft for the long arm and deep storage. 
8.  What are your three favorite tools in your studio?
Rotary cutter
BERNINA sewing machine
The artist with (iconography #7). Rags to Riches

9.  What other professional organizations are you affiliated with?  none. 

10.  When did you make your first art quilt?  

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