Sunday, June 7, 2015

Member Profile: Bob Hix

Bob Hix 
Yucca Valley, CA

1) Describe the work that you make. Much of my work has been symbolic and abstract. I have a background in interior design of architectural buildings and homes, so I appreciate clean lines and pieces that stand on their own.

2) Do you have a signature style? Yes, though it is changing. In the past, I tended to create abstract, art deco style. I am beginning to move into strong figurative pieces and symbolism.

4) How do you work? I often paint on my pieces, and I enjoy precision piecing. I don't tend to use embellishments, but I do like strong lines and accents.

5) Where do you find your inspiration? It comes from inside me; it is usually some symbolic and yet abstract form, often from dreams.

6) Do you enter your work in shows? Yes, I do. I am going to have one or more pieces in the Mancuso show in Desert Hot Springs this September.

7) Describe your studio space .I live in an architectural home in Yucca Valley at the top of a hill. I need serenity when I work, so my studio is a reflection of that natural light and simple, clear space. I am a very prolific artist, so I might have more than one piece in progress, but usually my studio reflects that serenity.

8) How do you balance your life between art, family, friends, etc.?  My life partner is in hospice, so that has taken a lot of my attention this year. As for friends and family, I am a very social person and enjoy meeting with all kinds of quilters and interesting people.

9) What other professional organizations are you affiliated with?  I have been working solidly on my own work, and teaching some classes, so I have not been affiliated with any organizations in the past, but now I am a new member of SAQA. 

Bob Hix does not maintain a web site and does not enjoy being on the computer, but you will likely see his work at one of the shows - Anne Copeland

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alison schwabe said...

I love the first quilt, Bob, the palette and the symbols suggest the dream origin you mentioned often inspires - Salvadore Dali-esque maybe.