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Member Profile: Ann Turley

Ann Turley
Fallbrook, California

Why Not Be Creative!

This sounds a bit cliché, but I don’t ever remember not sewing, crafting, or doing something creative. My mom was very versatile with her little Singer featherweight, and I sat at her feet from a very young age, watching her create wonderful things to wear, plus fabulous draperies, pillows and accessories. She even reupholstered the station wagon one summer! She had a huge influence on me, encouraging me to sew my own clothing so that I could have the latest styles. Hot pants, miniskirts and Nehru jackets filled my closet. From this I learned to put fabrics and colors together, and sew curved and inset seams. Who knew that many years later, these skills would come in handy as I learned to quilt! 

As a child of the 50s and 60s, I learned many of the popular crafts of the era – macramé, knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint and counted cross stitch. Quilting crossed my radar in the early nineties when I started searching for yet another way to express myself. While learning traditional skills and techniques were a very necessary part of the process, I really wanted to express myself artistically in fiber and color. I wanted to create fiber art! As a child I exhibited a bit of talent and was selected to attend art classes offered to a select few by the San Diego school district. Wow, what fun that was! Every Saturday for two years I learned to sketch, work with color and play with technique. But I was a practical child, so in high school I put away my paints and focused on academics. 

As a quilter, these talents reemerged when I began to draw my patterns and use color to my advantage. As I worked up the courage to enter my work in larger shows and exhibitions, I found myself a mentor, Desiree Habicht. Desiree pushes me to be and do my best. She can be brutally honest, but in the end, I have always benefitted from her advice. Even today as I work on a new piece, I can hear her saying “make those shadows darker! Go big, go bold!” or, “I like your idea, but…” 
Just Passing Through by Ann Turley

I have been very fortunate to have pieces selected for two SAQA exhibitions – Sense of Scale (“Orbs in Transition”) and Redirecting the Ordinary (“Forke Family Secrets”). I also have a quilt in the 2015 AQS Paducah Quilt, as a first time entrant (“Just Passing Through”).

There’s much I have learned about art over the years, but there is always so much more to learn. I love the process, and every day is a new adventure!
Fork Family Secrets by Ann Turley

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