Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 15 Potluck and Visit to the Fowler Museum Textile Exhibit

Thanks to Sandra Lauterbach for hosting the potluck. The meeting was a huge success with the following attendees: Loris Bogue, Susan Slesinger, Beth Smith, Carol Sebastian-Neely, Linda Stone, Linda Bannan, Diana Shore, and Melanie McFarland. I was unable to be there as my clutch is about to go out, so I I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Sandra was so kind to get photos which I am going to share here. I hope folks will forgive me for not identifying you in the photos. 

Show and Tell is always a really fun time for everyone. Some really interesting art - folks have definitely been busy.

This three-dimensional tree is really amazing. I keep looking at and thinking she used real wood!

Linda Stone is an old friend of mine and she came a long way for the meeting from Ventura. 

My type of funky art! Pretty wild. 

Loris Bogue sharing the Dinner at Eight Artists book "Women Who Come to the Table."  She is the designer of the book!

By the way, the drop-dead beautiful art in the background is made by Sandra Lauterbach. I think we need Sandra to be one of our webinar speakers for 2015.

I would definitely love to see this up close and personal. Don't you wish we had been there?

I wonder if that is Sandra's studio through the windows?  By the way, Sandra was sent a genuine mudcloth for hosting this wonderful event. I still have MORE mudcloth and also other wonderful hostess or host presents like free appraisals or perhaps special books, SOOOOOO . . . Is this a good hint?  Keep your meeting simple - do potlucks and go visit a special funky place fiber artists would love, or go see an exhibit, or just have show and tell and good fun. One of the members wanted to do a Chrismas sale and meeting, but perhaps too late to plan for this year. So think about next year. Personally if I can get my old car fixed up, I am open to anything! It is my birthday dream to do a flash mob dance of fiber artists showing their work! \

A talk by the curator of the Fowler Museum textile exhibit.

Photo-opps abound.

I am not sure I would count this as textile, but it sure is interesting!

Closeup of some of the textiles. It is my understanding that these textiles represent a new economy and way of life for the people in these regions of Africa and the Island of Timor in Asia.

Thank you all who attended and if anyone has any additions to anything I said or any corrections, do contact me.Peace and many blessings, Anne

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