Sunday, June 1, 2014

Call for Entry - Shades of Passion, Poway Center for the Performing Arts

SAQA Artist Call:
Regional Showcase October 2014, "Shades of Passion"

Date:  ______________________________________
Quilt Artist's Name_____________________________
Street Address_______________________________
City, State & Zip Code_________________________
Telephone_______________________________ Fax____
Email ____________________________________
Quilt Information
Quilt Title______________
Year Completed________    Insurance Amount $___________
W x H______________________________ For Sale Price $ __________ NFS _______
Artist’s Statement ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SALE OF ARTWORK- Poway Center for the Performing Arts requires all artists to pay 15% of gross revenue to the City Of Poway.


Mary Tabar said...

Hi guys! Thanks for posting this!

Patricia Walters said...

There are two empty boxes in the call for entry shades of passion part of your blog. I have tried to read this in two browsers to no avail. Can you all fix it? Thanks much.

Patricia Walters said...

Never mind - I was able to get the call for entry off SAQA's site. But is there any thing in the smaller box that should be part of the entry form? Thank you

Linda Anderson said...

I haven't seen a deadline date. Can you provide one?