Thursday, May 15, 2014

We'd Really Love to Get to Know You . . .

My Co-Rep, Marlin Williams and I were talking about what an exciting challenge it is to serve all of you as your Reps for this region. We really want to make sure we are serving you as well as we can. I know Marlin sent out a survey that we all worked hard on, and we got back less than 20% responses. If you are like I am, you might dislike doing a survey, but that doesn't mean you have no voice.  You can post to us on our SAQA Regional e-mail, or you can e-mail Marlin or me individually (our e-mails are on the Reps side of this blog) and let us know if there is something specific you would like us to cover.

Also, if any of you good folks would like to have a meeting at your homes or field trip to your studios and give us a talk about what kind of work you do and your goals and passions, we would love to get you scheduled. Let us know if you have any news or info you would like to have in print as well. This includes any talks you are giving or workshops you are teaching. We can add photos for you as well.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up for you. We think it would be a great thing to do some regional 12 x 12" quilts with themes you come up with for your area and then donate them to SAQA from our region - So CA and So NV.  So if you all have suggestions for themes for your areas, do send them in. We will post them so folks can vote on the regional area themes and then we can donate to SAQA's fundraisers as a group and get you some good publicity. We will post photos of the quilts on our area.  I like this one because for me, trying to make a huge quilt when I am not one of the world's greatest fiber artists is sort of intimidating, but I can definitely do a 12 x 12".  So all themes are welcome and we will post them all so that you all can vote. If you are somewhat new to art quilting, please don't feel intimidated. This is how I learned to get into art quilting. I always lived in tiny homes, so tiny quilts are my best suit!

It is an honor and pleasure to serve all of you, so please feel to write us of your desires, dreams, things you would like to see changed, etc. You all have a voice, and your membership provides plenty of space for you to grow and be successful, whether you do fiber arts as a profession or just for your own enjoyment.

Thanking you all for your memberships. We look forward to meeting and serving each and every one of you. Anne Copeland and Marlin Williams.

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