Saturday, May 17, 2014

Successful Webinar with Kris Sazaki and Leni Wiener

We had a great webinar today for those of you who had to miss it. It was a first for both Marlin Williams and for me, your SAQA Regional Reps. Though our attendance wasn't huge this time, I think part of it might because others of you might be new to it too. I wanted to learn to use this great medium for communications for our education and for keeping in touch more regular, so I thought it might be helpful to find a good tutorial.  One I found is: I like easy to understand tutorials and there are others available too. Hope this will help any of you who might need it.

Our guests today were Kris Sazaki, President of SAQA, R.

and Leni Wiener, Artist Extraordinaire, L.

You absolutely have to visit her web site, and blog, Leni talked about her journey in art, and about finding your artistic voice. She really had some fantastic things to say, and some great questions were asked.

It was a truly successful and worthwhile time. Our future webinars will be just about one hour long as this one turned out to be. We are going to look for guest speakers and/or panelists for you in your area - perhaps artists you have never met. If you have any suggestions of people you would love to hear from, do contact us. Our contact information is listed under Regional Reps on the right side of this site.

Also, when you click the web site for the call and it tells you it needs to download an .exe file, don't panic. It is just how the site sets you up for the call. The .exe file will be totally safe, and once it is installed, it will open up the webinar for you and take you to the right place. You won't have to do any password or other information to get connected. We will put attendees in so that you just get signed in when you come online. We will do our best to help you be comfortable with the webinar format.  I think it just might be the best thing since buttered bread once we all master it, and I know I will be watching every available tutorial!

We are all so thrilled to have something that we can all do without having to drive miles and miles, and also something we can do if we want in our pj's and without the huge commitment in time or expense in gas.

We will post a schedule for webinars for all of you when we get people scheduled to talk, etc. so that you can mark them on your calendar.

Peace and many blessings from Anne and Marlin

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Desiree Habicht said...

Sorry I missed it. Isn't there a recording that we can play back and hear? I also wanted to let you know that the link is to a linked in explanation and nothing to do with webinars, I am confused