Friday, May 23, 2014

Some Exciting News for All of You

A number of us are working very hard behind the scenes to make things happen in our region that you might enjoy. I have posted it on our blog and also sent you all members notice about the morning of June 19 from 9:30 AM PDT, for about an hour or so, when we have our field trip to Hoffman Fabrics. It is always a fun event and one I never get tired of seeing and hearing. The world of textile production is really incredibly amazing. Now I know some of you might live too far away to attend, but I hope that those of you who can will get your RSVP's to us quickly as these meetings fill up quickly and we have a limit of 25 people who can attend. Some of you have already responded, so don't wait too long if you have not.

We will have a nice lunch at Oggi's afterward, and it is not too far from Hoffman's. We will have reservations for all of us and will get separate checks. Other than lunch and any tips you want to leave, the meeting is free. Marlin and I hope to see some old friends there and to meet some new ones. We can all do some good socializing and networking at the luncheon.

Then on July 19, from 11 AM - 1 PM PDT, we are going to meet at the home of Desiree Habicht for a meeting with Desiree giving us a talk about her own journey with art and her career.  Desiree designs patterns and does teaching and other exciting things, and she will answer any questions you might have. We will have a light potluck lunch with hopefully salads (any kinds are welcome), fresh cold water (for anyone who doesn't wish to bring a salad), and any kind of bread or crackers to munch along with our salads. We will post about this again closer to the meeting with the address, etc. Her home and yard are huge, and I have been to meetings there before. I can tell you all that it is pretty inspirational!

We are working on other events, and if you live in a particular area and want to attend meetings in your area, please do let us know so that we can make sure you have some in your area. And if any of you good folks from Nevada want meetings and events, let us know and we will work on setting up something for you too. You are each and every one of you important to all of us and to SAQA. You are what makes this great organization work, so please write to Marlin and me if you want any particular event or meeting. We are here to serve you. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and be safe. Peace and many blessings from Anne Copeland and Marlin Williams, your SAQA Reps for SoCA/SoNV. 

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Mary Tabar said...

Yes I want to go! How much does it cost?