Saturday, March 2, 2013

SAQA meeting February 16, 2013

Thank you Gillian Moss for having host a great meeting Saturday February 16! 27 members and 2 visitors came. Two members came from Orange county, and the traffic was so bad that day. Won Ju Seo came after being a the Visions Museum in the morning, she was our farthest traveler. It was difficult to get a photo of all of the members. Sitting (left to right) Doria Goocher, Won Ju Seo, Pam Wright, Standing (left to right back row) Mary Tabar, Beth Smith, Sandi Hankins, Cuauhtemoc Kish (our only male!) Linda Anderson,  Linda Friedman, Shelea Williams, Charlotte Bird, Tina Rathbone, Barbara Friedman, Chris Herman, Cherie Brown, (left to right front row)Karen Bennick,  Kathy Piper, Heather Urquhart, Jill La Croisette, Paulette Lauders, Kathleen McCabe, Kathy Nida, and Ave-Maria Reed. Gillian is not even in the photo. "La Jolla use to be closer!"

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