Monday, January 21, 2013

My Iris Garden - News from Desiree Habicht !


I am curating an exhibit that will be hanging at Road to California, its called "My Iris Garden". The quilt was based on a design I did for a custom pool mural in San Diego. I altered the pattern slightly and enlarged it to work better for quilters, and opened it up to our art quilt group.  Each quilter has a personal element incorporated into their piece of the quilt. They were free to use any technique but needed to follow the template as the quilt repeats. Each section is 36"x42" and hangs as one big unit. It is so exciting to see all the pieces hanging together, just amazing! Everyone's piece is so beautiful and is a true labor of love.  
We are honored to have been accepted to hang at "Road to California" January 24-27, 2013.  I hope that you all will get a chance to see it, it should be hanging in one of the hallways.  See if you can find the unique element in each section of the quilt. These women worked so hard to make this happen, they appliquéd, painted, fused, embellished, quilted, and designed.  All in hopes that they would finish in time to submit it for Road. Congratulations to all of you!!

1. Nancy Williams
2. Ann Turley
3. Kay Davis
4. Desiree Habicht
5. Christa Elsee
6. Marilyn Fromherz
7. Phyllis Campbell
8. Anne Sonner
9. Nancy Mastroianni
by Desiree Habicht, Desiree's Designs
posted by deborah stanley

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