Thursday, August 2, 2012

Festival in Long Beach - SAQA Booth

The crowds of people anxiously await the green light to enter the show

The SAQA booth with members working, selling books and memberships.  SAQA One Foot Squares hung on the wall behind them.

Teresa, Jenny, Betty & Sandra working

Yvonne Porcella came by for a visit and great sharing

Terry Waldron leading a docent tour of Masters 2

Another View of Terry's Tour

Anne Copeland Leading Docent Tour

Sherry Kleinman working in the booth, and viewers looking at the exhibit "A Sense of Adventure"

Betty Hahn sold "Escape" her Sense of Adventure piece

Sandra Branjord with "La Fete" her Sense of Adventure piece
Mary Tabar with "Midlife" her Sense of Adventure piece


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