Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Visions Arm Museum, San Diego, CA

Here is the wall with the forty twelve-inch square quilts.  They were purchased from individual artists, from SAQA online auction, the Alliance for American Quilts Auction, and some were gifts from artists.  They are only 40 of the 59 of this size, and of the 200 quilts in the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection.  There is a sign on the end wall with a diagram of the quilts showing the title and artist.  In addition there is a gallery guide that lists each quilt with the artist, where they live and a few lines that I wrote about why they are part of the Collection.  See Del's blog for more photos http://delquilts.blogspot.com/  Photo by Karen Rips. 
also at the Visions Art Museum are the following exhibits - SAQA: Art Meet Science and work by the Canyon Hills Quilters of San Diego with a Magical Mystery Tour theme (34 quilts)
Exhibits are from February 3 to April 22

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scott davidson said...

I enjoyed looking at the many wall paintings that you have done. Not being very handy with a paintbrush, even though I know what I like in the way of art, I took the easier option to order this canvas print from the site wahooart.com .
It’s an unusual work called Forest music 1, by Remedios Varo Uranga, a Spanish-Mexican woman artist.