Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fiber Arts at The Muckenthaler Museum, Fullerton

On Thursday, March 1 the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton will give a free Gallery Tour of the current show "From Seam to Seam: Korean Pojagi Fabric Art."

The tour begins at 7pm by curator Matt Leslie.  Three of the artists will be present to talk about their work currently on display. The exhibition includes the fabric pojagi work from ten different artists, as well as paper collages in the aesthetic tradition of pojagi.

The following artists will be present:

Hena Jhee
Hena Jhee was born in Korea and has lived in the US since 1976. She has been making pojagi since 2000.  She returns periodically to Korea to study the art form.

Donghyun Chung
Ms. Chung received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Seoul National University in Korea and further training in Illustration from Pasadena Art Center. Also she studied ceramics at Capilano College in Vancouver, Canada.  She changed her medium from ceramics to paper in 2002.  Her traditionally produced handmade Korean paper (hanji) works explore the aesthetics of fabric pojagi in a different medium.

Soon Ok Ahn is a master artist of many art forms, including pojagi, hanji (handmade paper) and decorative jewelry. Mrs. Ahn will demonstrate techniques for hand stitching fabric pojagi during the tour.

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