Sunday, July 10, 2011

Front Porch Gallery

                                           Andi Parejda
   Deborah Weir below.
 Kathleen McCabe
          Terry Waldron (above) and Judy Rys.
Yesterday was the opening reception at Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad. It was a lovely time, with outdoor tables and great hors d'oeuvres with live music. The SAQA members that were in this show are:
Betty Amador with  La Mer,  Charlotte Bird with Sirocco, Patt Blair  with  Proud Heritage, Loris Bogue with     Migration, Cherie Brown with  Grandmother Robbins, Jamie Fingal with  The Game is Afoot, Barbara Friedman with  The Visit, Doria Goocher with Three Doors, Desiree Habicht with Sumi, Gail Hansen  with Life Lilies', Ranell Hansen  with  Wild Women #1, Carol Henke with  Paths and Barriers 3, Rose Hughes  with  A Long Ago Wedding, Sara Kelly  with  Memories of a Geisha, Pam Price Klebaum with  Disney Hall: Color and Curves, Sherry Kleinman  with Chance Encounter, Smadar Knobler  with  Majestic Leya, Jane LaFazio with  Everyday Objects Tell My Story, Linda Boone Laird  with  Forgiveness, Sandra Lauterbach with Pursonal Passion, Jill Le Croissette  with  Wounded, Nancy Lemke with What’s the Point?, Felisa Lyons with Fall Rain, Kathleen McCabe  with   I Thought I was Loony Tunes but it was a Brain Tumor  and    
Princess of Diamonds,
Linda Miller  with  Fluid Fissure 2, Jeannie Palmer Moore  with  Family Ties, Gillian Moss  with  Welldone Ben, Kathy Nida  with BirdSick  FishWife, Andi Perejda  with   Musee d’Orsay, Judy Rys  with Inside Out Golgi Body, Lois Sprague  with  Girl and Fish, Jeanne Surber with Goth Metal, Mary Tabar  with  Garden Delight Summer and Garden Delight Fall, Terry Waldron  with  Papyrus, Deborah Weir with  Harmattan, Susan West  with  Eventide, Sally Wright  with  Mt. St. Michel, Lisa Yoder with Forest Floor 1.

The Sharing Stories Exhibit dates are July 9 - September 4, 2011. Wed.- Fri's 12-6 pm Sat-Sun 11-5 located at 2903 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad, CA
If you have any photos to share, please email Sandi or me and we will post them.

Thank you to Julie Weaverling and Front Porch Gallery for hosting us. Thank you to all the members that came to the reception. We had five members take the train to Oceanside to join us! Andi Parejda gets a ribbon for traveling the farthest!

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Jamie Fingal said...

great to see the pictures from the opening! I can't wait to see the exhibition in person in the next few weeks. Congratulations to all of the artists!