Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hoffman Fabrics Tour

From Jamie Fingal:

We had the second Hoffman Fabrics tour April 13 in Mission Viejo.  About 15 people attended the tour, led by Michelle Flores of Hoffman Fabrics.  SAQA members in attendance were: Susan Slesinger, Marilyn Chaffee, Linda Stone, Mark Stone, Sharon Hightower, Mary Pavlovich, Alba Francesca, Irene Haydik, Eva Szilagyi, Carol Henke, Emily Wallace, Stacy Hurt, and Jamie Fingal.  We had one member from The Modern Quilt Guild of Orange County, June Dodge.

Our tour began with a sit down to learn about the history of the family owned company, an overview of their fabrics, and a explanation of their Bali Batiks.  Sample hangers of fabric groups were passed around the group to look at more closely.  Then we toured the facility, a visit to their inventory area of all of the fabrics they have ever made.  Watched a group of workers winding the fabric onto bolts with the assistance of a machine, but they guided the fabric, so there was just the right amount of yardage on each bolt. A quick trip to the design dept where the artists work, which was very interesting.  Then everyone was given a diploma for coming - fabrics rolled together. 

About ten of us went to lunch.  Had a great time meeting new people and talking about art quilts.

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