Thursday, March 31, 2011

SoCal SAQA Members to exhibit in "The Space Between"

Pamela Price Klebaum "Figure and Ground"

“The Space Between,” co-curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison of Dinner at Eight Artists, is an exhibit of 40 pieces which will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, July 28-31, 2011.  The exhibit is sponsored by Moore’s Sewing Centers.

 The Space Between: A pause as we reach for the telephone. The moments between the lines. Negative space in a painting. Uncertainty, and finding your voice. From one place to the other. Birds on a wire, and the distance between friends...The Space Between thought and action. Thin cracks separating this from that.  Lines on a highway, or reading between the lines...The Space Between.

Congratulations to SoCaL SAQA members whose work has been juried into the show!  They are:   Betty Amador, Loris Bogue, Paula Chung, Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey,  Desiree Habicht,  Pam Klebaum, Sherry Kleinman, Jane LaFazio, Jayne Larson, Gwen Mayer, Jeannie Moore,  Karen Rips, Carolyn Ryan, Julie Schlueter, Gayle Simpson, and Terry Waldron.

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