Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Japan Tear
Luana Rubin of e-Quilter is heading up a "Quilts for Japan" project.  
eQuilter is partnering with Mission of Love to deliver one or more shipments of disaster relief supplies (medical, educational, and basic needs) and donated comfort quilts, to the people of Japan.
Small personal-sized quilts for a child or small adult. That could be from 46" x 60" for a child's cot quilt, to 60" x 68" for a lap quilt, or 65" x 85" for a small twin size. We'd like to request full/double size quilt as the maximum size. See our project page later this week for more ideas.
Arrival by Friday May 7th. 
Mission of Love Foundation
2054 Hemlock Court
Youngstown, Ohio 44515 U.S.A

IMPORTANT: If you wish a confirmation of delivery, then you will need to ship with a tracking number.
Mission of Love does NOT have an office staff to handle delivery confirmations, email or telephone queries. Please contact eQuilter, NOT Mission of Love, with any project queries.They are a grassroots organization and their resources will be focused on receiving, unpacking, and then repacking and shipping the quilts to California along with the disaster relief supplies.
If you wish to support this project but cannot donate a quilt, please consider donating money to
Mission of Love to help with their costs, and also to increase the amount of medical supplies we can include with this shipment. You can donate with Paypal or a credit card on their site. This will add to the money that eQuilter will give for additional supplies, and shipping from Ohio to California.
IMPORTANT: Please read all of this information carefully and if your question is not answered, you can contact eQuilter Customer Service at

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