Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hoffman Fabrics Tour and Lunch

Hoffman California headquarters - L-R Cindy Cooksey, Lisa Kijak, Jeanne Surber and Paula Chung

L-R - front row -Pat Rollie, Peggy Martin, Jeannie Moore, Lisa Jenkins and Julie Schlueter; L-R back row - Teresa Shippy, Loris Bogue, Jayne Larson, Carolyn Ryan (can't see who is in between them)

Michelle Flores, Marketing Coordinator for Hoffman Fabrics gave us an overview of their fabrics; the process of making Batiks and passed around some of their fabrics to touch and see their beauty. 

Michelle is talking about how sample packs are made that go out to the stores and Quilt Market

This is how the fabric comes from the manufacturer, then it is folded and wound onto cardboard bolts

Gathering in the lobby before heading off to lunch; L-R - Lisa Kijak, Carolyn Ryan, Loris Bogue, Pam Klebaum, Jeanne Surber

Michelle Flores of Hoffman Fabrics and Jamie Fingal, who coordinated the tour
at lunch - Teresa Shippy and Gayle Simpson

L-R - Jeannie Moore, Pam Klebaum, Lisa Kijak, the cross the table to Lisa Jenkins, Lynn Thompson and Jayne Larson

L-R - Tousedsa and Felisa Lyons standing, Cindy Cooksey, Julie Schlueter, Paula Chung

Loris Bogue and Linda Boone Laird


Anne Copeland said...

Sweeeet! Wonder where the lunch was held? Looks good. Is that other Lyon lady Felisa's relative? Looking forward to the next tour.

Julie Schlueter said...

Yay! Fun day!

Julie Schlueter said...
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mtabar said...

Thanx for the fun day. I was sitting next to Tousedsa or Tx Lyons, Felisa's daughter.