Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Desiree Habicht's teaching schedule

Gingers Quilt Shoppe, 1120 Dewey Way, Upland, CA 91786 909-920-3099  
Then there is Redlands Sewing Center, 422 E. State St., Redlands, CA 92373 888/522-7200

Meet me on teachers night at Gingers Quilt Shoppe, Sept 1st, 4pm - 7pm see what art projects/quilts we will be working on and get excited to tap into your creative spirit as you explore surface designs, more painting and sketching!
Exploring Surface Design-Lets make some Art quiltlettes. Sept 4-5 10-4
Beginner-Advanced $150.00 Two days
Similar to my fabric play day we are going to take it a step further. Come and join me as I walk you through different elements of creating many different surfaces and textures to create unique and one of a kind quilts. We will be working on painting, texturizing, stamping, embellishing and more. I will walk you through the actual stages and layers of creating art quilts. This class will be geared towards people that would love to do an art quilt but don't know where to start. But it wont stop there!! Ever wondered what to do with all that painted fabric? Well this class we will be making small quilts or you can use as blocks for other quilts. Day one will be filled with instructions and hands on creating as you will be making painted/textured fabrics for assembly. Day two you will need to bring sewing machines for assembling your quiltlettes. As usual, I will provide you with all the art/paint supplies you need for this fast pace, fun exploration into art quilts. Don't be afraid if you have never done these types of things before,  I will show you how to do them and you will be amazed at how quickly you will learn. It's fun,easy, and challenging all at the same time. Once you learn these technique the possibilities are endless.  The supply list will be available from Ginger's. Due to time constraints I had too schedule quickly, hurry and sign up quickly since there isn't much time. 
Paint, Personalize and Embellish your own insulated Iron bag- Friday-October 1st
 10-4 Beginner to Advanced $60.00
A friend found these plain canvas insulated iron bags just begging for a designer's touch. Join me as we paint, stamp, embellish and decorate these very usable bags. Use them for transporting hot irons or paints etc. They zipper shuts so that the contents are contained for travel to and from class! Make it for yourself or for a friend or as a gift. I will take you step by step into the painting process. Once your bag is painted we will be using markers, ink etc to refine and define our bags. Then on to embellishing and finishing. No machine sewing required, its just a fun, paint day! Since I only have twelve bags, space is limited so sign up soon to get your bag. The class fee includes the bag and all the paints needed for the bag. You are free to bring special embellishments to personalize your bag such as crystals, buttons etc.
From Sketch to Quilt- Art quilts Explored -Thurs-Friday Sept 23-24th $150.00  Beginners to advanced- Two days
Come and learn the basics about design,composition and drawing. This wont be just a lecture it will be hands on exploration into teaching you how to start with a basic drawings and translate it into a quilt. We will be making small "Journal sized" art quilts. Come and find the "artist" in you using text, images, color and your ideas to express yourself. Does drawing scare you, let me help take the fear out of it as I explain drawing basics.In this class we will be sketching the first day, geared for the non-artist or beginner! I will be giving lessons on sketching, journaling and basic drawing skills. Even if you are not an artist you will benefit from this class as it will cover design elements,basic sketching, value.  Day one-We will be working on learning to capture images and use shapes to enable you to create your own sketches.  We will talk about journaling and sketching as a tool to explore feelings and document events as well as translating into quilts. We will transfer some selected images to watercolor paper and we will be adding color with my instructions and some paints.We will have some class discussions on editing your sketches for quilts, transfering to quilts and discussing some of the "hard questions" about constructing art quilts and how to start. You don't have to be artistic to do this class, all you need is the desire to try. Day two, we will choose a design, working on the design for the lay out, then creating a small art quilt with your design using some new techniques. This class will help you find hidden treasures and designs for quilts in places you never thought to look! Sign up fast, this class should fill quickly. I will be providing most of the art supplies needed for this class, check for a supply list regarding any additional materials needed. 
Art Applique/ Trunk Show   Oct. 16th Redlands Sewing Center
I will be giving a talk and showing many of my award winning art quilts. I will be sharing some of my tips on how to start making your own art quilts, how to design for show, answering questions etc. The second half of the day I will be teaching a class on Art Applique using colored pencils, inktense pencils and watercolor pencils. Its fun and can lend itself to many different techniques. Come and join me for a fun filled day being inspired and learning some new things that will help bring your quilts to life! Call Redlands Sewing Center for details and costs.
Hope to see you at one of my new classes
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